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Oh Sundays

Morning puppy snuggles are the best. This little dude thinks he's a human baby- he's a big fan of putting his back into my stomach and having me drape an arm over him while he sleeps. He's also been known to put his head on my pillow when we are sleeping too. And heaven forbid he's not under the blanket.

Cuteness aside, it's been a laaaaaaazy day. No, really. Donovan had a friend over for a sleepover last night (AH! My baby is getting so big!), so in turn this means I was up at 7:30 when they were. I don't know how kids do it...they stayed up until nearly 11, and were bouncing off the walls and ready to play 8 hours later. I thought kids needed more sleep than adults?? I digress though. After his buddy got picked up, we laid around as a family for another hour or so, and then Dono and I got ready for Sunday Sangha.

What is Sunday Sangha, you may be asking yourself.

Well dear reader, it's pretty much the coolest "church" ever. Sangha is Sanskrit for "community", and is commonly used when referring to a group of Buddhist monks, nuns, etc. Basically it's a gathering of spiritual practitioners. For 45 minutes we do yoga, and our teacher is amazing- it really is yoga for all levels, including chair yoga modifications. After that we have a 15 minute meditation, and then a 15 minute Dharma talk with one of the leaders. It quite literally is refilling your mental/physical/spiritual cup for the week ahead. No one "deity" is focused on- you will hear stories about Jesus, Buddha, and other gurus from various world religions. Although the word "God" is used, our teachers will be the first to tell you that it's just one of many names for the universal life force that surrounds us and is in each of us. During Sangha, the kiddos are in the little room doing kid yoga, coloring, playing games, and having snacks.

Like I said. It's basically the coolest church ever.

If you didn't know before, there is likely little doubt in your mind now that I'm a hippie. ;)

After Sangha, we came home. The boys (as in husband and son) played video games, and I decided to take a hot bath and read The Clash of Kings. Then I got into my warm fluffy bathrobe, laid down in bed, and proceeded to doze off for nearly 2 hours.


Ah well, it is what it is. I had a busy week/end! My house is clean, I pulled up more devil plants from my garden plot out back (seriously, a previous owner decided that he needed to just plant this stuff and let it go, so each year it tries to come back with a vengenance; last year I got half the plot cleared out, and this year my goal is to get the rest cleared before planting time), and I finished a teddy bear for a friend of mine's son.

Oh, that teddy bear?

Turned out pretty damn adorable. The baseball fabric is made up of one of her son's onesies from when he was an infant. The cream fabric is flannel. Mr. Bear is ridiculously soft and snuggly, and I'm pretty happy considering it was my first time sewing a stuffed animal. I used the How Joyful Bear tutorial and pattern (found here- Not going to lie...I struggled. The tutorial isn't super clear direction-wise (English is Joy's second language, so no digs on my end), so I depended quite a bit on my skills as an intermediate sewist to push me along. There was some trial and error as well- my seam ripper got some use. In the end, I pulled through and MAN, she put together a fantastic pattern and he turned out just as adorable as I was picturing in my head. During the sewing process, I tried to find help from other crafters online, however I didn't find much- so now I'm going to throw this out there- feel free to message me with questions about my process! There are some tricky spots, and hopefully I can clarify those. My hope is to continue to making these for friends as their littles get bigger and they want ways to hang on to a favorite outfit.

For now, I'm off to dinner with my boys and tonight I'm going to work on my new yoga mat bag (I got a new mat for Christmas and it's nice and thick, but this also means it doesn't fit in my old bag). I'll post pics later, because I'm super excited to see the finished product.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Love and light.

"Don't look back; you aren't going that way."


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