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Filled to overflowing

Today was the day!

I had my first ever craft fair! And it was fun, enlightening, and wore me out- I can't believe how tired I am tonight, but I had to get a post in on this most awesome of days!

So, on this gorgeous Saturday here in Kansas City (unseasonably warm for the middle of November, but hey, it's Missouri!), I participated in a first annual craft fair for a local school district's food service team. I have spent the last 2 weeks sewing and knitting til my eyes burned and my hands ached, and at this point I feel like it was well worth it in order to have this experience.

I didn't make a killing, but I *did* make a profit, and for that I'm thankful! More than anything, this was a huuuuuge learning experience- I took pictures, and it will be obvious that I have so much potential to grow! Doing this first show really brought it into perspective for me though, and helped focus me on what dream I have in my head for how I want Flower Child to be branded and desig…

And done!

I finished it!! I finally finished it! My very first knit baby blanket!! And possibly my last. Holy beZeus that was an intense couple of months of completion! It was, however, a labor of love. I used Bernat's Baby Blanket yarn...while soft and snuggly, an absolute nightmare to do seed stitch with. I couldn't read my knitting! *IF* (and that's a big if there) I ever decide to make another baby blanket, I will for sure just use regular old baby sport weight! So while it is wonky, is is soft and warm and there was so much love put into it that it hurts! I love you, miss Roaree!!

Apartment Gardening and other random thoughts

Today was a lovely day. Spring was in the air and I'm tickled tickled, in fact, that I changed the blog up AGAIN! One of these days I'll put my Dad to work and stop using Google templates and have something uber unique, but this will work for now! And yes, I will probably keep playing around with it. I'm like that.

The very most important thing on my list of things to do today was to go get a few more pots and some potting soil. I had things to plant and it needed doing, like, NOW. I discovered in Wichita that I actually like gardening. I like growing my own food, I like getting my hands in the dirt and I love to smell green things grow. It soothes's almost like I can feel my stress and anxiety transfer from my hands into the earth. And you may be rolling your eyes and muttering "crazy tree-hugging hippie", but just humor me for a second. When it warms up, go plant something, and care for it, and watch it grow. And see if it doesn't make…

Happy Easter/Ishtar/Eostre/Rebirth/Celebration of Life!

And what a beautiful day it was! 65 and sunny- I, unfortunately, did not get to enjoy most of it because I had to work.


C'est la least I will have all 6 of the major federal holidays off this year, instead of having to work half of them like in the past.

I am feeling quite poopy. The husband seems to have given me his cold. At least I'm hoping it's his cold. I'm praying for little to no allergy activity this year, but it could definitely be that too. I'll give it another few days before I start popping Claritin with any regularity. In the mean time, I'm drinking Theraflu and hot tea and just trying not to sneeze on everyone I see.

I haven't gotten much accomplished for the shop this week, a few pacifier cases and I'm about 10 rows from finishing a new ruffle scarf...literally like 10 rows. I should really just bust it out tonight, but I'm at the point in the night where I'd rather be writing than knitting, so I'm putting it awa…

6...almost 7 months later and here we are!

Back in Kansas City! WOOT!

It has been a wild ride winter, but we have moved back to Kansas City and are settling in nicely. I have a new job, Jon has a new job, and everything went relatively smoothly...except the one little piece that kind of broke my heart.

We were going to buy a house. It was a lovely house, not my dream home but who expects that at 28? I could see our family there and I could see us being happy there. We did everything we were supposed to, I moved up to Kansas City early to start my new job and Jon was continuing on at his place of employment in Wichita. The plan was that he would move up after he got a job up here, but in the meantime we were going to buy this house and get Dono and I settled.

Cue 24 hours before the closing date. And it all fell apart, because the mortgage company (from whom we had never hid the fact that he was going to be in Wichita M-F and in KC on the weekends) says that he has to give proof of rent and utilities while living in Wichita, an…