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Oh hai fall

If you are in Kansas City today, then you don't need me to tell is windy as all get out. Gusts that I haven't felt/seen/heard since I lived in the great flatness that is Wichita, KS.
With all this gusty wind, the leaves are finally dropping like flies from the trees. Hello fall, it's nice to see you. Even if it is 68 degrees out with a chance of severe thunderstorms today. In November. In Missouri. Random. Normally our storm season is done by early October. 
For some reason, this fall season isn't bugging me as much as in years past. Normally, I'm not in love with fall...I don't hate it; it does play host to some really awesome things, like my birthday, dear friends' birthdays, and pumpkin spice coffee. However, I know that when the leaves start to turn and the temps start to drop at night, that also means that winter is coming. And I really, really, really kind of sort of definitely don't like winter. My anxiety seems to heighten during the co…