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Not ashamed (of being a foodie)

This is the part where I would normally say "Dang it's been so long since I made a blog post!" But HA! It's only been 5 days! (I'm very proud of myself). I *meant* for it to be sooner, but between a migraine on Wednesday evening and horrid, horrid cramps last night, I got a bit delayed.

I did make a fantastic dinner last night, and tonight as well. Last night was chicken milanese with potatoes, mushrooms, and roasted asparagus. I only took a picture of the potatoes and mushrooms though.
 Mmm...cast iron cooking for the win, right here! Pictures of food are something that seem to pop up a lot in my instagram, which I guess makes me a foodie. But I'm okay with that, because food is amazing and I like to eat.

Part of the reason I keep taking pictures of my food like a weirdo though, is because I finally learned how to cook actual "from scratch" meals, thanks to this lady right here:
 Ree Drummond might be a genius. There on the right side, you can see …

Oh Sundays

Morning puppy snuggles are the best. This little dude thinks he's a human baby- he's a big fan of putting his back into my stomach and having me drape an arm over him while he sleeps. He's also been known to put his head on my pillow when we are sleeping too. And heaven forbid he's not under the blanket.

Cuteness aside, it's been a laaaaaaazy day. No, really. Donovan had a friend over for a sleepover last night (AH! My baby is getting so big!), so in turn this means I was up at 7:30 when they were. I don't know how kids do it...they stayed up until nearly 11, and were bouncing off the walls and ready to play 8 hours later. I thought kids needed more sleep than adults?? I digress though. After his buddy got picked up, we laid around as a family for another hour or so, and then Dono and I got ready for Sunday Sangha.

What is Sunday Sangha, you may be asking yourself.

Well dear reader, it's pretty much the coolest "church" ever. Sangha is Sanskrit f…

I mean it this time!

I *will* be posting from now on with some regularity.

I have come to point where I either buckle down and prove to the world I can make this work, or give up on my dream.
which way...which way do I go?
If I give up, I have options...I can go back to school. Get a degree with some meaning this time, probably become a licensed social worker or get in to public administration and work for the government. Earn a better income than I do right now.

Here's the thing.

I want to save the world. All the hurt people, I want to help. All the abused humans, I want to fix. I want to do something good.

When I was younger, I had a therapist who was also a youth advocate for the court system. She loved being a therapist, but she also loved being a youth advocate. She told me once, though, that being an advocate was the most rewarding, but also the most heart-breaking thing she had ever done. She told me you can't just leave work at work. It followed her home every night...worry, heartache, anxi…