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Live, from New York

It's Super Tuesday NY Edition! Super-Mega-NYC Tuesday!

Or something...

If you've paid attention to CNN/MSNBC/FOX in the last 48 hours, that's what the 24 hour news stations are pitching, anyway.

Right now Bernie has Hillary under a 20 point lead. With 45+% to still report, I'm feel *somewhat* confident that it will get under 15%.

Berners (yeah, I went there) knew this was a likely outcome. Onward, forward, etc etc etc. Sometimes I think America doesn't deserve Bernie Sanders. Or maybe we just aren't ready for him. God knows we need him though.

Moving on.

Kansas City FINALLY had a good day of rain yesterday. It was glorious. I came home from work, set the kiddo up with a snack and threw on grubby clothes and spent most of the evening outside in the garden, playing in the mud (it had stopped raining by this point, at least) and pulling up phlox. Yeah. You saw that right. Phlox. The bane of my gardening existence. See, our house sits on a .76 acre lot in the middl…

300 Writing Prompts, and other happenings

My totes awesome (yes, I just used "totes" in a sentence in place of "totally" un-ironically...don't judge me) husband got me this book at Target last week:

His thought process was that I can use it to get inspiration for the blog, things to jog my brain, and a place to jot down thoughts. He might be a genius, because in true Target fashion, this book is pretty amazing. I can't wait to start using it, and when I use a prompt, I'll let you guys know at the end of the post that this little blue book is where it started.

I also got invited to join Amazon Handmade. I'm going to be giving it a whirl...the monthly fees don't start until August, so until that time I'll be in both Etsy and Amazon. Here's the linky link, but there's not much moved over yet (ok, so there's only one listing so far, because I just started this 3 hours ago)(it would have been nice to have a listing importer like some other handmade sites have done in the past…