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One Week...eeek!

Hello world! Well, it's been a busy busy time around here...we are preparing for my hubby's deployment in one week! He is going to be gone for 9 weeks in Turkey. It's not the longest time we've ever been seperated...(hello basic and training?!), but it still stinks...especially since I'm here in Wichita while most of my beloveds are in Kansas City. mama is in the States, and she will be here with me next week through the beginning of October! Yes, she will help me retain my sanity. I love my mama dearly, she is my best friend and my rock. After she leaves I will have 4 weeks and then Jon will be home...and I will be focusing on the goal. The goal, you ask? Oh yes...we are moving back to Kansas City!! I think this will be the absolute best thing for Donovan, and me, and believe or not, my hubs. He tries to say that he's a bit indifferent, but I know better! ;) I'm going to continue my therapy and yoga, and hopefully will be making a career chan…

The most exciting update ever!

Ok, not really! :) But it has been awhile, and I'm really going to start making the blog a part of my weekly work to-do list. I hate that I've been neglecting it!

Lots has been going on out here in the super dry midwest. I swear my backyard hasn't seen rain in over 2 months. It scares me a bit, and my poor garden is hanging on by a thread. It is still going though, and we have gotten to enjoy some delicious bell peppers and cucumbers this summer. I love being able to grow my own food. It's rather empowering!

I have been working closely with my therapist, pyschiatrist, and regular family doctor regarding my anxiety/depression and med management. I'm happy to report that I'm doing great; I have come to the realization that I too, will have good days and bad days, just like every other person on the planet. I have started yoga, and it is AMAZING. Seriously, if you or someone you love has anxiety or depression issues, give a yoga basics class a shot. I feel calm, c…