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My darling...

I've been neglecting you.

But not on purpose.

Just busy busy this past weekend.

I will be back to regularly scheduled programming...soonish...PROMISE!

I will give you a funny to tide you over. My husband shared this on my Facebook. :P

Because this is totally me. Kindle? Nope, can't do it. I need to feel its pages, smell that smell.

I'm gonna start using that hashtag, haha!

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More like Sunday Blahday

That pretty much perfectly describes my Sunday so far.

Our awesome Missouri weather is playing games with my head and sinuses (seriously, it was 65 on Wednesday, and last night it SNOWED, and tomorrow it's supposed to be 65 again), and it's got me feeling pretty run down today.

Which is totally lame because....

I got this beauty in the mail today!
I'm in love already...I've managed to get her up and running, threaded, and some practice stuff sewn. After my Curvy, she is so quiet! And is it weird that I'm giving my machine a gender pronoun...? And yes, that's a Singer serger hiding back there. I don't use my serger nearly thread tensions have been jacked up for quite some time now, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it quite right...I end up having to sew an extra seam right next to the serged edge, which kind of defeats the purpose for time saving...

Moving on though, I really wish I were feeling better today, because I would have …

I believe in a revolution

I said I would write tonight, so I'm going to.

We're gonna get all kinds of political up in here, so fasten your seat belt.

I'm feeling the Bern. Hard. Have been since he announced he was running. Before Bernie threw his name in the ring, I was going to support Hillary. I don't love her, but she seemed like the logical choice and inevitable nominee for the Democrats.

Then a true progressive stepped up. And I began to believe. Ever since then, I have been 110% behind Mr. Sanders.

That doesn't stop with tonight. An upset in Florida would have been amazing. As it is, I can't believe North Carolina is shaping up to be less than a 15% gap.

Ohio hurts, but damn if I'm not proud of Missouri.

They keep trying to say that it's not there. They keep writing us off. And we keep beating the polling numbers like it's nobody's business.

Bernie is going to take it to the convention.

He will have my support every step of the way. For 50 years, he hasn't stop…

Spring Forward

Daylight savings time is jacking with me- "What time is it? 7? 7!! I still have to make a blog post today! And feed the family! And finish this wallet!"

I have been slightly busy sewing, taking pictures, and Etsy posting like a mad-woman.

And just like that, the afternoon is gone!

I took a long weekend this past week- 2 vacation days on Thursday and Friday. No real reason, just needed a break from the daily 8-5 grind.

I was equal parts lazy and productive, and therefore, it was totally worth it.

I finally finished my new yoga bag! Many hours of stitching and love went into it, and I must say I'm glad it's finally I can stop trying to keep my mat from uncurling while I'm juggling 50 bajillion things on my way in and out of the studio.

I dig it.
I have some stuff on the horizon this week, and I don't want to jinx myself by writing it down yet, but it could maybehopefullypossibly be something super good for our family.
Why do kids always have the most …

It's March!!!!!

Yes, this post title requires 5 exclamation points. I hate winter that much, even if this year wasn't as bad as years past and my depression and anxiety didn't get nearly as bad. I will still take warmth any day.

 Sure, this is pretty, for about 10 seconds, and then you are just back to freezing your ass off. 
(Although, to get all hippie and philosophical and shit, I try to take some kind of small pleasure in the hibernation of winter...resting and recharging like the earth and all that jazz)

(But I would still rather be warm)

So yes, I'm very excited for Spring to start in exactly 2 weeks. Bring. It. On.

Last week's birthday party for Preston (best friend's husband) was fun. I was kind of in a funk all night, not sure why, but I still managed to end up laughing so hard I was crying several times, and got to spend time with good friends.

 Like I said, good times despite my funk.

Sunday morning I woke up at 8 am from a phone call from my Dad, with the words no big …