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Filled to overflowing

Today was the day!

I had my first ever craft fair! And it was fun, enlightening, and wore me out- I can't believe how tired I am tonight, but I had to get a post in on this most awesome of days!

So, on this gorgeous Saturday here in Kansas City (unseasonably warm for the middle of November, but hey, it's Missouri!), I participated in a first annual craft fair for a local school district's food service team. I have spent the last 2 weeks sewing and knitting til my eyes burned and my hands ached, and at this point I feel like it was well worth it in order to have this experience.

I didn't make a killing, but I *did* make a profit, and for that I'm thankful! More than anything, this was a huuuuuge learning experience- I took pictures, and it will be obvious that I have so much potential to grow! Doing this first show really brought it into perspective for me though, and helped focus me on what dream I have in my head for how I want Flower Child to be branded and desig…