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Spring Forward

Daylight savings time is jacking with me- "What time is it? 7? 7!! I still have to make a blog post today! And feed the family! And finish this wallet!"

I have been slightly busy sewing, taking pictures, and Etsy posting like a mad-woman.

And just like that, the afternoon is gone!

I took a long weekend this past week- 2 vacation days on Thursday and Friday. No real reason, just needed a break from the daily 8-5 grind.

I was equal parts lazy and productive, and therefore, it was totally worth it.

I finally finished my new yoga bag! Many hours of stitching and love went into it, and I must say I'm glad it's finally I can stop trying to keep my mat from uncurling while I'm juggling 50 bajillion things on my way in and out of the studio.

Namaste, baby.
I dig it.

I have some stuff on the horizon this week, and I don't want to jinx myself by writing it down yet, but it could maybehopefullypossibly be something super good for our family.

Why do kids always have the most awesome timing? Just sat down to wrap this up, I was totally going to get all political up in here, and Dono is calling for me out of the tub. 


I'll post again later on this week. Probably after Tuesday. It will either be joy, or despair, but I'll be sure to pour it all in blog form.

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