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More like Sunday Blahday

That pretty much perfectly describes my Sunday so far.

Our awesome Missouri weather is playing games with my head and sinuses (seriously, it was 65 on Wednesday, and last night it SNOWED, and tomorrow it's supposed to be 65 again), and it's got me feeling pretty run down today.

Which is totally lame because....

I got this beauty in the mail today!
The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 <3
I'm in love already...I've managed to get her up and running, threaded, and some practice stuff sewn. After my Curvy, she is so quiet! And is it weird that I'm giving my machine a gender pronoun...? And yes, that's a Singer serger hiding back there. I don't use my serger nearly thread tensions have been jacked up for quite some time now, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get it quite right...I end up having to sew an extra seam right next to the serged edge, which kind of defeats the purpose for time saving...

Moving on though, I really wish I were feeling better today, because I would have loved to just spent the afternoon sewing up a storm. Instead I was laid up in bed about 50% of it, battling bouts of nausea and a wicked headache. At least now I can write this blog post whilst staring out my craft room windows looking at the blue sky and sunshine.

Oh, and that awesome opportunity I mentioned last week?

Well, I'll just go ahead and tell you about it, because it turned out to be not so awesome. I interviewed for a job that I was under the impression was "contract for hire". The recruiting firm thought it was too. Got in to the interview, and they kept stressing the "temporary" part of the position, because they don't "expect" the workload to continue at the level it has been long term. In other words, I'd be running the risk of not having a job in 6 months. Um. No thank you.

So, back to regular life we go...I'm okay with it for now. Part of me would really like to stick with my current employer (not necessarily my current position) until the time comes that we can afford for me to drop to part time or not work a traditional job at all. I've done a lot of bouncing (for me, anyway) in the last 5 years. From the age of 17 to 27 I worked for Claire's off and on, all on from the age of 21. Then I went to Jo-Ann's, did a year, then went to the apartment complex for 16 months, and now I've been where I'm at for nearly 2...maybe I should just sit tight.

I think I'm done for the day. My brain is pretty cloudy, and I'm physically kinda achy...I do believe I'm gonna put on a youtube video of some gentle yoga and just zen out in here for a bit.

I'll probably be doing a mostly photo post in the next couple of days, so be on the look out for that excitement! ;)

Happy Spring!

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