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I'm sitting out on my back porch on this beautiful Wednesday morning writing this, drinking my morning caramel coffee out of my totally awesome mug, I call it my "mama goddess" mug...
 and it is such a drastic change from this weekend...
We had a wicked tornado rip through town Saturday night...while there is a significant amount of damage, no one was killed and for that we are all extremely thankful. The National Weather Service is testing a new warning system in south central Kansas and most of Missouri...we knew 2 days ahead of time that the storms were going to be bad, and they use words like "Life threatening" "Extremely dangerous" and "You could be killed if you do not seek shelter NOW" in the warnings. I think it was effective and people took it seriously. The tornado passed within 2 miles of our house...we knew when it was close, because the rain, hail, and wind just stopped...and it got deathly quiet. Scary stuff. But everyone is okay and that is all that matters!

On to what I have been creating this past week...well, I can't show you, because it's a lot of presents for people who read this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprises! ;) However, I do have a few things I can share...
My job is having an awesome sale this week, and I got some super cute fabric!

Yay for Halloween fabric! I have plans to make coffee cozies in holiday prints, and so far I have collected St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and some Easter...all for cheap cheap cheap (my favorite!).
Oh, and I got this one too...
For one of my best friend's soon to be husband (I call her "wifey" and therefore he is "husband #2) beer can cozy...he doesn't want a coffee cozy, he wants a beer cozy. Well, I can oblige! (Love you Tiff and Eddie!) We are big Chiefs fans around here (ok, I am, my husband doesn't really care, haha), and I know Eddie will love this.

I also wanted to share with everyone the AMAZING hand-crafted polymer clay beads I got from Charlene's Button Box on Etsy ( check her out, her stuff is GORGEOUS). I will be using these in my creations, and I can't give her enough props and credit for their beauty. They arrived super fast, super safely and were packaged beautifully. I look forward to continuing to order from her and work with her in the future.

I love them! I will be putting a listing up (hopefully today!) using one of them already.
One more picture from our oh so exciting weekend...Saturday evening we had an Air Force Reserve Awards Banquet that we attended with Jon's unit. Not only did my hubby and I look smashing, but it was a lot of fun and although he didn't get an award, I did win the beautiful centerpiece from our table! It is currently sitting on my sewing table looking absolutely lovely!
That's all I have for today. I am off of work, and we are about to go pick up our kiddo from the babysitter's (also known as Grandma's...he adores her), and run to the grocery store to get cake mix and the ingredients for a cake...Dono has been talking about cake non-stop since he baked one with Grandma over the weekend, so we are going to bake another together today. After that I'm hoping to get some sewing done, some presents wrapped up, and maybe get my listings posted! Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay happy and God/dess bless!


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