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Live, from New York

It's Super Tuesday NY Edition! Super-Mega-NYC Tuesday!

Or something...

If you've paid attention to CNN/MSNBC/FOX in the last 48 hours, that's what the 24 hour news stations are pitching, anyway.

Right now Bernie has Hillary under a 20 point lead. With 45+% to still report, I'm feel *somewhat* confident that it will get under 15%.

Berners (yeah, I went there) knew this was a likely outcome. Onward, forward, etc etc etc. Sometimes I think America doesn't deserve Bernie Sanders. Or maybe we just aren't ready for him. God knows we need him though.

Moving on.

Kansas City FINALLY had a good day of rain yesterday. It was glorious. I came home from work, set the kiddo up with a snack and threw on grubby clothes and spent most of the evening outside in the garden, playing in the mud (it had stopped raining by this point, at least) and pulling up phlox. Yeah. You saw that right. Phlox. The bane of my gardening existence. See, our house sits on a .76 acre lot in the middle of the 'burbs. We've got a big ole back yard. And years ago, a previous homeowner decided that they wanted to be able to mow in circles (because easier), so they planted a giant circle of Phlox. Okay, it may not have been that giant when they started, but by the time we bought the house, it was huge.

And unfortunately, also in a prime spot for my garden. We decided the Phlox must go. Except last year we didn't know what it was, so I was just tilling and pulling and hoping to worked.


It *helped*, don't get me wrong, but the shit just keeps coming back. I got about half of the circle pulled last year, and then this year I found, buried in the remaining Phlox, a tag showing what it was. PHLOX! Victory will be mine! Then I went to the internets and found out there's no good way to get rid of it, even with herbicide (which I won't use, because hello, garden where food grows).

So this is what I pulled out last night:

Yup. Good 'ole Phlox. 

I'm adding edging this year, please ignore the unfinished bizness on the left side.
The Phlox used to cover the entire circle you see here. As you can see, I'm down to one little pie slice left. SO CLOSE.

The moral of this story is...don't effing ever plant Phlox in the middle of a yard. Unless you want the homeowners of the future to curse you to the high heavens when they go to pull it out.

We did have a great weekend overall though- I got stung by a wasp Saturday afternoon on the butt. Yes. I had no idea wasp stings hurt so much. As it swelled, I again went to Doctor Google and was told to put an ice pack on it if it was swelling. Which I did. And it helped tremendously.

Saturday night we had my best friend's 30th birthday party. We started the evening off with Pie Five (so good, yet so bad for me), and then went to Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar. And it sucked and the drinks were weak as shit. So we decided to wander around Westport and ended up at the Firefly Lounge, where we had a pretty good time.

This was towards the end of the night, with about 1/3 of the group gone. Pretty sure it was almost 2 am here.
We were silly, Firefly had quite a good music selection going, and all in all it was a fantastic time. Nina loved her presents I made her (yup, I'm that annoying crafter friend), which included 2 pot holders, 2 trivets, and 2 dish towels. Know how I know you're old? Cus you get excited about handmade, totally unique kitchen goods, bahahahaha! Love her to bits. <3


Now that that recap is done, I'm off to troll r/politics some more and possibly eat a bowl of ice cream. I think I might still be recovering from the weekend. Yep. Totally blaming it on the weekend. Getting old is lame sometimes.

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