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Oh hai fall

If you are in Kansas City today, then you don't need me to tell is windy as all get out. Gusts that I haven't felt/seen/heard since I lived in the great flatness that is Wichita, KS.

With all this gusty wind, the leaves are finally dropping like flies from the trees. Hello fall, it's nice to see you. Even if it is 68 degrees out with a chance of severe thunderstorms today. In November. In Missouri. Random. Normally our storm season is done by early October. 

For some reason, this fall season isn't bugging me as much as in years past. Normally, I'm not in love with fall...I don't hate it; it does play host to some really awesome things, like my birthday, dear friends' birthdays, and pumpkin spice coffee. However, I know that when the leaves start to turn and the temps start to drop at night, that also means that winter is coming. And I really, really, really kind of sort of definitely don't like winter. My anxiety seems to heighten during the cold, and I hate driving in snow. I don't like feeling cooped up, and I hate the limited sunlight. Seasonal depression? Yep, we can put a check mark by that particular box for sure. 

This year, though, I'm not as stressed. Possibly because work is easier this year. Possibly because the weather has continued to be so nice for so long in to the season. Possibly I'm just coping better in general. Whatever it is, I will take it.

I'm already thinking ahead to the future. Because hello, have you met me?

I've got goals for 2016. And I have every intention of making them happen.

As a family, we are working on paying off our "extra" debt. The stuff that doesn't provide us with shelter, electricity, water, food, etc. Basically, credit cards, your days are numbered. We were doing really well for a really long time...but then we bought a house. And we needed furniture to put in that house. And did I mention the half an acre of a backyard that we had, that we now needed a riding lawn mower to mow if I didn't want to lose my husband for a good 6 hours on a Saturday. 

The goal for 2016 is to get it all knocked in half. In turn, this will cut our monthly expenses drastically.

I'd like to get a nice camera this upcoming year. That way I can stop taking shop pictures with my cell phone, and then having to fight with it every time I try to offload. (Seriously, I like my Android and all, but holy hell the iPhone was easier in this regard). 

I am already in the process of really focusing on being more active on Instagram, here, and my Facebook shop pages. I need to build a brand around myself if I ever want this to be successful, and I get that. Now I just need to make it happen.

OH! We have a new member of the family...for about 3 months now. He's my darling and I love him to bits. Cutest thing ever. May I introduce you to Max?

This sweetheart is about 3 years old, and a mix of we don't know what. Probably weiner dog and something else. He sleeps under the covers with me in bed. Snuggles in my lap during TV time, and is generally the most lovable little dude in the whole world. My Clyde kitty is not a huge fan but tolerates him, and Louie dog loves him although he can be a bit jealous if daddy pays too much attention to Max. (We got Lou when he was 4 months old, and he has always been daddy's boy...I mean, he loves me, but he is definitely daddy's).

Also, we had a great Halloween. I turned 31 this year! Woot! Or not. Whichever. I'm kind of ambivalent about the whole thing anymore, haha. We did have a fun time though. Dono went as Link, and here he is with his Uncles, who I believe went as "Hipster Douches" (their words, not mine).

I also got to do the Wicked Wine Walk this year, so here's the obligatory shot of me and the BFF on top of Drunken Fish. I really had a fantastic time, but I suck at taking pictures during this kind of stuff. I should probably work on that.

Also, in case you've been living under a rock, the Royals won the World Series. fjiowfioawefnaw. No words. I found this tee in a shop downtown and I feel like I really need it. Or a Sal jersey. Either one.

Oh Salvy, how I love thee. I can only understand about 50% of what you say, but your smile lights up my heart. 

That's all I got for now. Totally random ramblings and ya know what?

I'm okay with that.



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