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6...almost 7 months later and here we are!

Back in Kansas City! WOOT!

It has been a wild ride winter, but we have moved back to Kansas City and are settling in nicely. I have a new job, Jon has a new job, and everything went relatively smoothly...except the one little piece that kind of broke my heart.

We were going to buy a house. It was a lovely house, not my dream home but who expects that at 28? I could see our family there and I could see us being happy there. We did everything we were supposed to, I moved up to Kansas City early to start my new job and Jon was continuing on at his place of employment in Wichita. The plan was that he would move up after he got a job up here, but in the meantime we were going to buy this house and get Dono and I settled.

Cue 24 hours before the closing date. And it all fell apart, because the mortgage company (from whom we had never hid the fact that he was going to be in Wichita M-F and in KC on the weekends) says that he has to give proof of rent and utilities while living in Wichita, and if we did that, it would throw our numbers out of whack and we'd no longer get approved. Basically, he had to get a job in KC and get one paycheck stub before they'd give final approval.

Our moving truck was already packed. So we asked the sellers if they could please just let us pay them rent for one month, possibly two, and then as soon as we had that paycheck stub, we'd close on the house. We were 100% approved except for that one little piece, and the lenders told them so.

They said no. They'd be willing to push closing back another 45 days (meanwhile we'd be homeless with a moving truck full of stuff), but they also wanted another $1200 on the selling price for "their trouble". Never mind that we offered to pay their mortgage if they'd just let us live there a month early. Evidently they didn't want to be landlords and didn't want anyone ruining their "pristine" home. They haven't lived in it for nearly a year. They would never be living in it again. It would have been OUR HOUSE within 3 months.

I was so angry. A part of me is still angry, and I'm working on letting it go.

This all happened 35 days ago. Jon gets his first paycheck from his new job on Monday. If we still wanted the house, we could have it. It's still on the market. We have invested a lot of time and money into this endeavor.

But I cannot imagine it as home anymore. The sellers kind of tainted the whole thing for me. At the same time, we are in an apartment now that is honestly a bit too small, and we're going to be here for at least another 9-10 months. Part of me is aching to lay down roots and finally have a permanent place to call home.

Besides my family, the only thing that is making any of this bearable is at least being home. My parents, my brothers, the friends that are family, and all the extended families, are all just a few minutes away now. My city, my beloved city, is alive and thriving and exciting. I get to listen to my favorite music on the radio again and I've already gotten tickets for a summer concert to see some of my favorite bands that I never would have seen in Wichita. Dono has had play dates galore already, and two of my very good friends are getting ready to have babies within the next 2 months. I cannot wait to meet my new 'niece' and 'nephew', to spoil and dote and be involved this go 'round.

My craft room is in the dining room...and very very cramped. The organizational aspect of it is slowly coming together though, and I'm planning on taking pictures and dedicating a blog post here very soon about being an artist in apartment living and how to make it all work. (Step 1: have a very understanding significant other who doesn't mind sewing your materials all over the place).

When I started this blog, I meant it as a place to promote my business. And I still very much want it to be that, but I think it's going to start becoming more. The catharsis of writing it all out, even if no one reads it, is almost like therapy. Life has been hectic and posts have been spotty, but I'm going to make an effort. This is, after all, my little corner of the interwebs.

I leave you today with a quote from Elizabeth Edwards that so perfectly describes the last month for me-

"She stood in the storm; and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails."


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