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One Week...eeek!

Hello world! Well, it's been a busy busy time around here...we are preparing for my hubby's deployment in one week! He is going to be gone for 9 weeks in Turkey. It's not the longest time we've ever been seperated...(hello basic and training?!), but it still stinks...especially since I'm here in Wichita while most of my beloveds are in Kansas City. mama is in the States, and she will be here with me next week through the beginning of October! Yes, she will help me retain my sanity. I love my mama dearly, she is my best friend and my rock. After she leaves I will have 4 weeks and then Jon will be home...and I will be focusing on the goal. The goal, you ask? Oh yes...we are moving back to Kansas City!! I think this will be the absolute best thing for Donovan, and me, and believe or not, my hubs. He tries to say that he's a bit indifferent, but I know better! ;) I'm going to continue my therapy and yoga, and hopefully will be making a career change that will give me more time to focus on my business. I'm also heavily considering going back to school and getting my Master's in Counseling with a focus on substance abuse. We'll see.

So what have we been up to the last 3 weeks? Watch out, it's about to get picture heavy!!

I began working on my inspiration wall! It is, unfortunately, going to be put on hold until after we move. But it's staying up and I love to look at it everyday!
I decided to be less frumpy for a day and curled my hair and actually put on makeup. I clean up nice, if I do say so myself. :D
I found this wicked cool grasshopper chilling on my tomato plant the other day. He's gorgeous!
We went on a family movie date to Ice Age: The Meltdown...Dono made it about an hour, but Ice Age isn't really Dono's favorite thing, so he did pretty good all things considered! We had fun.
And here we are at the MasterCuts, to be precise...getting ready for a hair chop for little man. Ahhhh! Mommy still does not handle these very well...
And this is why...he looks so cute, but he also looks so much more like a little man! I want to put a brick on his head so he'll stop growing!
We spent most of the weekend playing...Donovan put on his mini AF uniform and Daddy's boots, and walked around saying "I go work on airplanes" (which is what Jon does in the AF). It was frickin adorable.

Over the last few weeks I've actually been on overload with projects, but in a good way! I've been a busy busy bee and that's a positive for me. What have I been making? Oh, funny you should ask...
 Self-designed mini tote...I added a flower and it's just adorable!
 Go MIZZOU! Super fun new design for soda can wifey doesn't drink coffee, so I make her can cozies. We are big 'ole MU fans around these parts, and husband #2 stole the last MU cozy I made her.
 Um, Halloween? Yes, please! Only the greatest holiday ever! Because it's my birthday, duh!
 A custom order tea wallet that turned out just lovely!
 Lots and lots of flowers...rolled flowers, peonies, spiky flowers, fluffy flowers...I have a horrible addiction. This one is a ring that will be in the shop within the next few days.
 Finally, I made this amazing killer BAMF purse for my good friend Genea. She was my muse and inspiration for it, and it turned out beautifully. I used a See N Sew pattern for a guide (because I suck at math and the first go-round on some things I need to see it visually before I can go crazy and make it my own). She loves loves loves it and I will be making one for me and more for the shop!
Love the hobo style!
 Super cute adorable owl wallet.
 Baby girl burp cloths!
And another purse!! I've been a little purse crazy, lately!

I'm also in the middle of making bridesmaid dresses for a friend's wedding. She is doing infinity dresses and they are sooooooo easy to make. I am using a McCalls pattern, and I'm super glad because it makes life much easier when you are working with 2 7 foot ties! Plus I feel like it just gives the dresses an overall cleaner/uniform look.

The last few irons in the fire are birthday presents for a certain Miss Hadlee who just turned one (I want to share so bad because the stuff is ADORABLE, but I'm refraining til she gets her presents), as well as some receiving blankets and an ongoing embroidery project that will eventually be a stuffed bear. I so never thought I would be a girl to own an embroidery hoop, but here I am with one and I'm thinking about getting a second! Eek!

I am going to make an organizational chart for myself while Jon is gone...I do much better with lists. I plan on making it pretty, and I will share my idea and end result with you all when it is done.

That about wraps it up for today, but I will be sure to check in next week after Jon heads overseas. Keep fingers, nose, and toes crossed for me that all goes smoothly. :D



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